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Synthetic turf for terrace, deck, patio, balcony, rooftop

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How to transform a terrace or a concrete rooftop into a friendly,  comfortable space? Try artificial grass!

Why use artificial grass for terrace, deck, patio

Prevents heat

A green roof is much more energy efficient than a black tar roof. Artificial grass also helps to meet the standards of some municipalities for white or green roofs. It is also cooler under foot than concrete, so a good choice for sun exposed terraces.

Resistant and light

Last longer than treated wood or composite materials. Resistant to harsh conditions of winter. Also, it is lighter than traditional lawn on a roof.

Easy install

On a flat surface such as concrete, simply set and fix. No need to stain, seal, or apply other chemicals to seal the material.


Many of the luxurious terraces of new houses and condos have parts or all of their surfaces made from artificial grass. Fits all curves or surfaces, blends well with brick, stone, wood, pavement...

Which synthetic turf to use for terrace, deck, patio, balcony, rooftop

Use a turf with perforation to allow drainage of water. Choose a turf with a soft, comfortable feel, enough to walk barefoot on, on even lie on. Also, look for UV treatment that garantees a nice green color even under a burning sun.


Oasis gold

Oasis Green

Oasis Maxx

Putting green max

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