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A few years ago, few people would have considered using synthetic grass around the house or to replace natural grass. But today’s artificial grass, thanks to new technologies and materials, has a more realistic look, with a reproduction of the color and feel of natural grass.

Imagine never having to water, mow, pick up grass clippings, apply fertilizer or pesticides… Imagine a uniformly green lawn all year long! That’s what you get from artificial grass.

Why use artificial grass for landscaping:

Low maintenance

Very low maintenance: no need to mow, to fertilize, to re-sow and especially to water! Save time and money.

Always green

The high UV resistance of synthetic turf allows it to retain its green color all year round, and color uniformity, even in the shade.


Resists trampling, especially in high traffic areas, such as exposed corners, and shortcuts.


No dirt so no traces of feet in the house!


Causes no allergies.


Will fit all curves or surfaces, blends well with brick, stone, wood, pavement...


Which synthetic turf to use for landscaping

Choose a lawn that is real looking with different types of green, yellow hued colors, or even the addition of a tatch. Choose long and soft yarns.


Our lawns are available and ready to take out or be shipped from our Ville Saint-Laurent warehouse.
All our synthetic lawns are guaranteed 5 years against discoloration.


Oasis gold

Oasis Green

Oasis Maxx

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