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Synthetic turf for commercial and industrial use

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Our choice of durable turf models recommended for high traffic areas. Try our turfs for indoor usage (commercial center, trade show boots, red carpet) or outdoor usage. Buy online or in our warehouse open to the public, shipped across Canada

Why use artificial grass for commercial installations:

Save on maintenance

Replacing natural grass with synthetic turf significantly reduces the majority of natural lawn care expenses, as well as saving time and manpower.


You never a second chance to make a first good impression... Your building will look clean and polished with a perfectly green, uniform lawn.

Portable, reusable

Choose a colored turf representing the colors of your company, and use it as flooring in your kiosks, showrooms, trade show boot.

Design element

Use synthetic turf in a display, window feature, carpet in a hallway, red carpet for an event

Recommended synthetic turfs to use for commercial or industrial installations:

Diamond Chocolate Brown

Diamond crazy black

Diamond gold nuggets

Diamond iceberg

Diamond monochrome

Diamond Pink

Diamond purple

Diamond Silver


Sports Turf Pro 30

Buy synthetic turf for commercial or industrial use

These models are suggestions, but we have other synthetic turfs in stock! Click to see them ->