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Synthetic turf for around the pool

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For landscaping around the pool, choosing concrete can be costly, treated wood complicated and time consuming to install, while natural grass offers poor resistance to trampling and chlorine, let alone the mud. Your solution? Artificial grass.

Why use artificial grass around the pool:

Simple install

Less expensive and complicated to install than poured concrete, treated patio wood or rocks.


Because they are porous, synthetic surfaces let the water run dry quickly. No more puddles of water.


The non-slippery texture of artificial grass improves safety around the pool.


Soft and fluffy, even barefoot, artificial turf does not get hot under the sun like concrete, and you can lie on it comfortably.

Always green

No more yellowed grass due to chlorine, areas of permanent shadow or too much sun. Resistant to trampling, especially in high traffic areas.


No more soil and muddy feet, the lack of dirt will keep your pool water clean.

Which synthetic turf to use around the pool:

Use a turf with perforation to allow drainage of water. Choose a turf with a soft, comfortable feel, enough to walk barefoot on, on even lie on. Also, look for UV treatment that garantees a nice green color even under a burning sun.

Oasis gold

Oasis Green

Oasis Maxx

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