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TrylawnTurf | Professional synthetic surfaces installation: artificial grass and poured rubber

How much does it cost for a professional installation of synthetic surfaces?

Whether for artificial turf or poured rubber flooring, here are the steps to get a quotation:

  • Take a picture of the entire terrain where you would like to install the artificial surface;
  • Make a drawing with measurements of the terrain (if the terrain has curves, take your measurements with rectangular shapes);
  • Make sure that the access door to this lot is at least 36 “wide;
  • Make an appointment with one of our consultants at our showroom 1-855-240-8873;
  • Come to the appointment with your photo and your plan;
  • Once here, take advantage of our expert advice to choose the best turf, or the right colors of granules;
  • We will give you the estimate on the spot.

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How to install synthetic surfaces?

If you would rather install synthetic surfaces yourself, please check our video tutorial and our printable guide.