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You already know synthetic turf is used for football fields, soccer fields, mini-putts… But it is now increasingly used for golf courses, practice greens, tennis courts, cricket courts, and now in cross training gym to place under the sleigh or battle rope.

Our Diamond collection turfs are perfect for gyms and Cross training facilities. Strong enough to withstand heavy carts, ropes slamming, high foot traffic.

Why use artificial grass for sports:


Remains green, despite the trampling, snow, sun...


Properly installed artificial grass will remain level, prevent holes and thus provide an even playing surface and optimal rolling for balls.


Artificial grass drainage prevents water accumulation and puddles, quickly sheds water and allows a quick return to play.


The softness of this artificial grass mimics the absorption of real grass and is much more comfortable than concrete or clay for running or falling.

Save time and money

No more watering, mowing, seeding, applying fertilizer... or even manage insects pests with chemical pesticides.

Which synthetic turf to use for golf, sport, gym

At Trylawnturf we offer a variety of turf models depending on the usage, such as short, curly yarn for putting green. Explore our synthetic turf models below to find the most appropriate for your sport.


Diamond crazy black


Putting green max

Sports Turf Pro 30

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These models are suggestions, but we have other synthetic turfs in stock! Click to see them ->