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TrylawnTurf | Rubberflex poured rubber |  Poured in place rubber with EPDM granules for playgrounds and parks

A cast rubber safety surface for play areas, provinding a smooth, uniform, colorful surface, safe, durable and non-slip. The best choice for playgrounds, daycares, kindergadens, school yards, public parks, even for the playroom in the basement, alone or with artificial turf.  Buy online, shipped across Canada.

Superior Quality

Enjoy an upgraded version of our EPDM granules: No wilting, no cracking, no degradation in the harshest weather conditions. These granules are 25% polymer content, with premium quality UV stabilizers, with better than before tensile strength and elasticity.

Why use poured in place cast rubber for playgrounds, parks, daycares...


This is the main reason for its popularity with daycares and municipal parks: the cast rubber is flexible, it absorbs shocks and dampens falls in height. During installation, the thickness will be determined according to the height of possible falls.


Poured-in-place cast rubber is flexible, so it is resistant to cold, heat and temperature variations; it is therefore perfectly adapted to Canada's climate. It keeps its color because it is resistant to UVA and UVB rays. And will resist trampling.


Walking or running on a rubber surface is much more comfortable than concrete or asphalt because of its level of absorption. You can even walk on it barefoot. Avoid heat islands or hot surfaces in summer by choosing a light color.


Its slightly porous surface allows some water evacuation, and the rubber surface dries quickly, allowing a quick return to play. In addition, the rubber surface is antibacterial (avoids grass allergies or risks of insects due to sand).


Cast rubber is cleaner than sand or wood chips. As it does not generate debris, the children are not bringing back any residues in the school. Easy to clean.


Cast rubber comes in over 15 colors, or create your own mix by combining colors, and you can incorporate designs!

Use poured rubber alone, or combined with synthetic turfs

Create a safe, comfortable and playful surface with any design. Add layers of shock pads to be compliant with safety guidelines.

EPDM kit with Aliphatic binder

Our EPDM granules are  sold as kits.

A kit contains:
– One bag of 44 pounds (20 kg) of epdm granules of one color
– One gallon of aliphatic binder

The aliphatic binder is specially formulated to preserve the color of the granules.

1 kit covers about 40 square feet of surface, with a recommended thickness of 1/4 inch.

All colors at the same price.

Superior quality now with 25% polymer content
Hot vulcanisation, made with Premium UV stabilizers
More tensile strength: 6.0 MPa. +
Better elongation at break: + 600%
No fading, no cracking, and no degradation in harshest weather

*​If you want to install rubber flooring yourself, please follow the guidelines on our installation page to ensure a smooth installation, and extend the life of your product.

How to install poured rubber flooring

Check our practical guide to pour cast rubber epdm granules yourself.