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If you have dogs playing in your backyard, you know the problems that arise: the muddy paws when it rains, plus the acidity of feces and urine yellowing your lawn, let alone the smell… Solve all these issues with artificial grass for dogs and pets!

Our choice of artificial lawn best suited for your pet dog: soft yet strong, urine resistant. Buy online, shipped across Canada.

Why use artificial grass for dogs and pets:


Artificial grass lets urine go through and allows easy removal of excrement (simply hose down to clean).

Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic

Chances of catching insects (fleas, ticks) are almost nil.


Non-toxic and hard to chew. Artificial grass requires no fertilizer or pesticide that could affect the health of your pet.


No more traces of muddy paws in the house! And rapid drainage allows your pet to go back out quickly after the rain, on an almost dry surface.


Prevents holes digging.


Choosing artificial grass with longer strands gives a soft surface, is less cold in winter, and will be loved by your pet.


Which synthetic turf to use for dogs and pets

Choose a turf that is resistant, antibacterial, permeable and with UV protection. Our turfs are durable and soft, backed by a 5 years warranty. They are non toxic, thus safe for pets.



Buy synthetic turf for dogs and pets

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