Rubberflex poured in place rubber flooring surface: installation

Our professional installation service of poured in place epdm rubber in greater Montreal, Laval, South Shore, throughout Quebec and also Ontario.

Poured rubber floorings are...

  • Clean! No more sand or mud due to soil, no more dust raised by gravel.
  • Strong: they resists up to 600 psi and traction.
  • Safe: non-slippery, absorbent and a soft surface for falls.
  • Resistant to stains: chlorine, urine, detergents, grease and oils...
  • Easy to clean: just sweep when dry, or hose down.
  • Resistant to UV rays and fading.
  • Resistant to Quebec winters.
  • Resistant to fungi and bacteria.

Trylawnturf offers you a professional installation service of poured rubber flooring, residential, commercial, indoor or outdoor, in the greater Montreal area, the South Shore, the North Shore, Quebec and Ontario. Our installers will quickly lay the surface, while ensuring the quality of the work and thoroughly clean the premises. Don't bother with purchasing materials, tool rental, design, etc. Trylawnturf offers you turnkey service, and peace of mind.

Synthetic surfaces installation

How to install poured rubber flooring yourself?

Installation basics of poured rubber flooring

Mix your choice of rubber granules with a binder and then trowel directly onto a flat surface *. Let dry.

Steps and equipment for installing a rubber floor surface

  • Absorbing first layer
    A backcoat of black aggregates (SBR rubber made from recycled tires) is recommended for technical underlayments, ie for cushioning of the covering, for example in play areas. Thickness to be defined according to the Desired damping. Trylawnturf can install this layer in accordance with applicable municipal and provincial safety standards.
    The black SBR is sold in a bag of 44 pounds (20 kg). Covers 13 s.f. (for a 1" thick layer).
  • Surface prep*
    If you're not installing a primer, you can spread the mixture directly onto your surface. The rubber can be poured ton several types of surfaces such as plain paving, cement, asphalt, wood, compacted stone ... For best results, make sure your surface is clean before applying. For more stability, you can use glue to spread on your surface before the application of the granules.
  • The EPDM granules
    Also known as rubber granulates or colored EPDM. Used for the topcoat (recommended thickness: 1/4 inch). The rubber granules are sold in a bag of 55 pounds of a single color, but you can mix colors for a textured or marbled effect. 1 bag covers about 50 square feet of surface.
  • The mix
    Mix the aliphatic binder with the granules. This binder is specially formulated to preserve the color of the granules. Sold in containers of 5 gallons (19 kg).
    Proportions: Mix 1¼ gallon of binder for 1 bag of EPDM granules. IMPORTANT: MIX WELL to obtain a consistant surface.
  • Clean up
    Use a mixture of urethane grade solvents (whippe) to clean dirty tools, or clean with a lubricant.
  • Drying time
    It is recommended to allow the synthetic surfaces to dry for 2 days for maximum hold.

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